Graduate Forms

The following is a list of forms that students use to take a variety of official actions as relates to their graduate programs. Many of these forms can printed and completed by hand or filled out and submitted electronically (i.e., via email). To complete a given form, the normal process to follow is as outlined below.

  1. Download form and complete as appropriate.
  2. Submit the completed form to your advisor for review and approval.
  3. Submit the advisor approved form to all other parties for their signatures (e.g., Committee members, Program Director etc.)
  4. Submit to the Department Head/Division Director for review and signature
  5. Lastly, submit to the Office of Graduate Studies for final review, approval and implementation.

Application for Degree Completion Forms

Degree Change Forms

Committee/Advisor Forms

Tuition and Fee Actions

Permanent/Temporary Leave Forms

* = A form that must be submitted by ALL graduate students for each degree program completed

Additional forms are listed and may be used as your individual circumstances merit.