Graduation Information and Deadlines

Graduation requires a great deal of planning and coordination by graduating students, various departments, and the Office of Graduate Studies. Please note that your full cooperation is needed for graduation to be a success.

You must complete the institutional requirements for your degree program and your department requirements in order to graduate. Consult the appropriate Graduate Bulletin for the institutional requirements, and with your advisor for your department requirements.

Important deadlines for graduation are listed to the right.


DEADLINE: Semester prior to intended graduation

  • Submit your DEGREE AUDIT AND ADMISSION TO CANDIDACY form to the Office of Graduate Studies no later than the semester prior to applying for graduation (required - ALL students)
  • For fall graduation, the deadline is no later than May 1. For example, for the Fall 2014 graduation, the Admission to Candidacy form must be submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies no later than May 1, 2014.
  • For spring graduation, the deadline is no later than November 1. For example, for the Spring 2014 graduation, the Admission to Candidacy form must be submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies no later than November 1, 2013.
  • Submit any changes to the above form (if necessary) by completing an ADDENDUM DEGREE AUDIT AND ADMISSION TO CANDIDACY form
  • Ensure that you have an approved ADVISOR/THESIS COMMITTEE REQUEST form on file with the Office of Graduate Studies (required - thesis based students)

DEADLINE: Census Day of the intended graduation semester
(Spring 2013 graduation semester: Census Day - January 23, 2014)

  • Complete the GRADUATION APPLICATION by Census DayPDF versionText only version of the semester you wish to graduate (required - ALL students)
  • Re-apply for graduation if you applied for an earlier graduation but did not graduate

ATTEND Graduation Salute to obtain Checkout Card -
      March 20, 2014 10:00 am - 2:30 pm, 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
     March 21, 2014 10:00 am - 2:30 pm

  • Attend Graduation SALUTE, Student Center, Grand Ballroom during any of the above listed times to receive your checkout card and begin the checkout process (required - ALL students).
  • Order your MS gown at SALUTE. After SALUTE, MS gowns may be ordered in the CSM Bookstore.
  • Checkout with the CAREER CENTER located in the Ben Parker Student Center, Suite 37.
  • Checkout with the ALUMNI ASSOCIATION located in Coolbaugh House, 1700 Maple Street
  • Return your KEYS to the Key Shop. Holds will be placed on student accounts until keys are returned.
  • Verify your DIPLOMA mailing address on Trailhead. Sterling sivler diplomas are mailed approximately four months after commencement.
  • Verify your PERSONAL EMAIL address on Trailhead. The graduation photographer will communicate with you via your personal email address.
  • Settle ACCOUNTS with the Cashier's Office
  • Download and review the COMMENCEMENT HANDBOOK

DEADLINE: Thesis Upload Deadline - April 7, 2014

DEADLINE: Checkout Card Due - April 11, 2014

  • Complete your STATEMENT OF WORK COMPLETION form and submit with your checkout card (required - ALL graduating students)
  • Submit your completed blue CHECKOUT CARD to the Office of Graduate Studies by the due date (required - ALL graduating students)
  • Obtain guest TICKETS when submitting your checkout card. Entry to Kafadar Commons will be by ticket only.
  • Complete the Graduate Student Exit QUESTIONNAIRE emailed to each graduating student

ATTEND Graduation Practice - April 30, 2014 (required - ALL who are attending Commencement)

  • Attend Graduation PRACTICE April 30, 2014
    - Doctoral candidates: 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm, Media Room #125, Student Recreation Center
    - Masters candidates: 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm, Lockridge Arena, Student Recreation Center
  • Pick up your regalia:
    - Master gowns will be distributed after PRACTICE
    - Doctoral regalia will be distributed at check-in prior to the HOODING ceremony (see below)


  • Successfully complete all program requirements
  • Meet your department requirements. Be sure to check with your advisor about departmental requirements.


  • Order personalized announcements
  • Make arrangements for graduates or guests with SPECIAL NEEDS by calling Student Life at (303) 273-3231
  • Make arrangements for CHILDCARE by emailing
  • Review ceremony dates and times (see below)
  • Order your photos after the ceremony
  • Complete the Student FINANCIAL AID exit loan counseling
  • Check Parking Services for PARKING information
  • Attend the ceremony - duration approximately two hours
  • March out with the marshals and your fellow graduates at the conclusion of the ceremony. Graduates and guests should arrange to meet away from the main aisle to avoid interfering with the processional.
  • Guests will be prohibited from approaching the stage to take photographs or videos, but they will be permitted to take pictures from their seats. A professional photographer will photograph each graduate as they receive their diploma cover.


  • 7:30 to 8:45 AM
    MANDATORY Check-in Master candidates, Lockridge Arena. MS pick up cap and tassel. If you fail to check-in on time you will be pulled from the graduation ceremony. NO EXCEPTION
  • 8:45 AM
    Line-up for procession. Please be on time.
  • 9:00 AM
    Doctoral Candidates escorted to line-up location for Graduation Ceremony.
  • 9:30 AM
    Procession March begins.

THE HOODING CEREMONY, May 9, 2014 - Doctoral Candidates only

  • 7:00 to 7:30 AM
    MANDATORY Check-in Doctoral candidates. Location to be announced. If you fail to check-in on time you will be pulled from the hooding and the graduation ceremony. NO EXCEPTION
  • 30 minutes following Commencement Ceremony
    MANDATORY Return doctoral regalia to check-in location.
    Student accounts will be charged $900 for unreturned regalia.
    To purchase your own regalia, please contact the Office of Graduate Studies for information.


  • Attendance at a commencement ceremony does not guarantee that your degree has been awarded. All degree requirements must be met and verified before diplomas are printed or degree posted to your transcript.
  • Graduation ceremonies are held in December and May. Students eligible for graduation are expected to attend the ceremony held at the end of their final semester. Students completing requirements during the summer semester are expected to attend the December ceremony.
  • Reapply for graduation if you do not graduate at the time originally anticipated (required). Graduation applications are inactivated for those students who do not checkout and graduate in the semester in which they apply.
  • All graduate students will recieve a complimentary silver nickel plated diploma approximately four months following the awarding of their degree. Those graduate students wishing order a sterling silver diploma may do so by completing the Forum Engraving order form at the following website. If you do not hear from Forum Engraving within a week of placing your order, please contact them directly at (303) 761-8084. Orders may not be placed prior to the awarding of the degree. Prior to producing your diploma, the Colorado School of Mines will verify that the degree has been awarded as well as proof the name, degree, degree title, and graduation date.


Important Events and Deadlines

Academic Calendars

Admissions Deadlines

Admissions Information

Spring 2014 Semester

January 7
Graduate School Orientation

January 8
Classes Begin

January 10
Graduate Student Registration Deadline
(Late Fee will be assessed)

January 16
Thesis Upload Deadline
(to avoid spring registration)

January 23 (Census-Add/Drop Day)
Graduation Application due
Checkout card due
(to avoid spring registration)
Work Completion Form due
(to avoid spring registration)

March 20, 21
Graduation Salute

April 7
Thesis Upload Deadline

April 11
Checkout card due
Work Completion Form due

April 30
Graduation Practice

May 1
Admission to Candidacy due
for Reduced Registration effective Fall 2014, and
for Graduation Fall 2014

May 9

Late spring checkout
for Fall 2014 Graduation

May 12
Thesis Upload Deadline
(to avoid summer registration)

May 16
Checkout card due
Work Completion Form due
(to avoid summer registration) 

Fall 2014 Semester

August 18
Graduate School Orientation

August 19
Classes Begin

August 22
Graduate Student Registration Deadline
(Late Fee will be assessed)

August 27
Thesis Upload Deadline
(to avoid fall registration)

September 3 (Census-Add/Drop Day)
Graduation Application due via Trailhead
Checkout card due
(to avoid fall registration)
Work Completion Form due
(to avoid fall registration)

October 23 (tentative)
Graduation Salute

November 1
Admission to Candidacy due
for Reduced Registration effective Spring 2015, and
for Graduation Spring 2015

November 10
Thesis Upload Deadline

November 14
Checkout card due 
Work Completion Form due

December 3
Graduation Practice

December 12