Withdraw from Graduate School

To officially withdraw from The Colorado School of Mines, a graduate student must communicate directly with the Graduate Dean or process a withdrawal form through the Graduate Office. The Withdraw from Graduate School Form initiates a request from a student to withdraw from The Colorado School of Mines Graduate School.

To make this request:   

Students withdrawing from school AND dropping credits:

  • Submit completed form with all signatures to OGS by 5:00pm on census day
    • To drop credits
    • Have the record removed from your transcript and
    • Receive a full refund
  • Forms received after 5:00pm on census day
    • Credits are withdrawn, so you will not recieve a grade
    • "W" (withdrawal) will be noted on your transcript
    • You may recieve a partial refund or no refund, depending on when the form is submitted.

If you are withdrawing from one graduate degree, but continuing in another graduate degree at Mines, please use the Withdraw from a Graduate Program form.