GSG Officers

The GSG is composed of an Executive Council and a General Council. The Executive Council is elected in the Spring of each year, according to our bylaws, and is comprised of six positions: President, Vice President, Academic Chair, Treasurer, and two Social Chairs. General Council members are elected from within each degree-granting department or college, during the first colloquium meeting of the year; Department Heads may also appoint a Department Representative if needed.

2016-2017 Executive Officers

President: Andrew Proudian Vice President: Caitlin Crawford Treasurer: Malcolm Davidson
Secretary: Allyson York Academic Chair: Heather Lammers Social Chair: Neil Patki


2016-2017 General Council


College Department Representative Email

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Tommy Fuerst

Chemistry and Geochemistry

Sam Gage

Metallurgial and Materials Engineering

Joe Jankowski


Warren Collomb

Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Andrew Glaws

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Bridget Ulrich

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Dehui Yang

Mechanical Engineering

Najmus Saqib

Economics and Business

Bansidhar Bandi

Geology and Geological Engineering

Sarah King


Jackie Daves

Liberal Arts and International Studies

Cass Whaley

Eros Mizidy
Mining Engineering

Benjamin Goertz

Petroleum Engineering

Kaveh Amini

Interdisciplinary Programs

Hydrology (Non-Voting)

Ryan Gilliom

Materials Science (Non-Voting)

Caitlin Crawford

Nuclear Science (Non-Voting)

Ryan Collette

Operations Research with Engineering (Non-Voting)



2016-2017 Committee Reps


Committee Representative
Graduate Council

Hanna Aucoin

Research Council

Andrew Proudian

Faculty Senate

Heather Lammers


Hanna Aucoin


Benjamin Goertz

Student Conduct Appeals

Heather Lammers

Joe Jankowski

Sarah King

Parking Advisory

Benjamin Goertz


Hanna Aucoin


Najmus Saqib

Heather Lammers

President's Committee on Diversity

Najmus Saqib

Student Health Benefit Plan (SHBP)

Bansidhar Bandi


Samuel Gage

Academic Technologies Advisory Committee

Austin Bailey

Cyber-Security Advisory Committee

Austin Bailey

Tuition Refund Requests

Andrew Glaws