CEER 2013 Award Winners

 2013 GSA Conference on Earth and Energy Research (CEER)

Over 120 posters and oral presentations were judged by oustanding faculty, staff, and alumni of the Colorado School of Mines and were evaluated on three bases: scientific content (originality, objectives, relevance, methods, supported conclusions and directions for the future); appearance (logical organization, effective layout and legibility); and presentation ability (clear, concise and effective handling of questions). The GSA is proud to congratulate the winners of the 2013 Conference on Earth and Energy Research:

  • 1st Place Overall: Michael Baker (CSM, NE)
  • 2nd Place Overall: Minal Parekh (CSM, CEE) - Pascale Meysing (CSM, CBE)
  • High Overall Poster: Nicholas Saichek (CSM, CH)
  • High Overall Oral: Katy Kaproth-Gerecht (CSM, Hydrology)
  • High Overall University: Malcolm Davidson (NREL)
  • Undergraduate Winner: Detchai Ittharat (CSM, GP)
  • Best in CSM Applied Mathematics & Statistics (AMS): NO PARTICIPATION
  • Best in CSM Chemical & Biological Engineering (CBE): Melissa Vandiver
  • Best in CSM Civil & Environmental Engineering (CEE): Kerri Hickenbottom
  • Best in CSM Chemistry & Geochemistry (CH): Jason Christ
  • Best in CSM Economics & Business (EB): Rita Risting
  • Best in CSM Electrical Engineering & Computer Science: Marc Rubin
  • Best in CSM Geology & Geological Engineering (GE): Benjamin Lowry
  • Best in CSM Geophysics (GP): Filippo Broggini
  • Best in CSM Hydrology: Tess Weathers
  • Best in CSM Liberal Arts & International Studies (LA): Savannah Fitzwater
  • Best in CSM Materials Science (MS): Nina Vollmer
  • Best in CSM Mechanical Engineering (ME): Nathan Pickle
  • Best in CSM Metallurgical & Materials Engineering (MT): Jason Fish
  • Best in CSM Mining Engineering (MN): Kyle Bahr
  • Best in CSM Nuclear Engineering (NE): Jeremy Washington
  • Best in CSM Petroleum Engineering (PE): Utpalendu Kuila
  • Best in CSM Physics (PH): Lauryn Baranowski