GRADS 2016 Award Winners


2016 GSG Graduate Research And Discovery Sypmosium (GRADS)

Over 50 posters and were judged by oustanding faculty, staff, and alumni of the Colorado School of Mines and were evaluated on three bases: scientific content (originality, objectives, relevance, methods, supported conclusions and directions for the future); appearance (logical organization, effective layout and legibility). The GSG is congratulates the winners of GRADS 2016:

  • 1st Place: Stephen Semmens - Geology and Geological Engineering: "An Examination Of The Natural Environment's Impact On Levee Sustainability"
  • 2nd Place: Paul Diaz - Applied Mathematics and Statistics: "Global Sensitivity Metrics From Active Subspaces"
  • 3rd Place: Halley Keevil - Geology and Geological Engineering: "The White Mountain Breccia-Hosted Gold Deposit, Jilin Province, Northeastern China"
  • Chemical and Biological Engineering Award: Yan Wang: "A Transient Hydrate Formation Model"
  • Chemistry Award: Xuemin Li: "A Novel Approach Of Producing Alkali Sulfide Nanocrystals For Advanced Rechargeable Batteries"
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering Award: Dina Drennan: "Biogeochemistry Of Sulfate Reducing Bioreactors: How Design Parameters Influence Microbial Consortia And Metal Precipitation"
  • Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Award: Wendy Belcher: "Machine Learning For The Automatic Detection Of Anomalous Events"
  • Geology and Geological Engineering: Bryan McDowell: "Inert Gases In The Rocky Mountains: Implications For Risk, Opportunity, And New Understanding In Natural Gas Reservoirs"
  • Geophysics: Jarred Eppehimer: "Spatio-Temporal Microseismic Analysis Of The Woodford Shale, Canadian County, Oklahoma"
  • Hydrology: Nicole Bogenschuetz: "The Effect Of The Mountain Pine Beetle On Slope Stability, Soil Moisture And Root Strength"
  • Mechanical Engineering: Kevyn Young: "Computer Interface Design For Wrist Gimbal Forearm And Wrist Rehabilitation Robot"
  • Metallurgical and Materials Engineering: Mark Strauss: "The Recovery And Reuse Of Rare Earths From Waste Flow"
  • Nuclear Engineering: Jarrod Gogolski: "Using Biomolecules To Separate Plutonium"

  • 1st Place Undergraduate Award: Sean Cowie - Geology and Geological Engineering: "Geological Controls On Rock Strength"
  • 2nd Place Undergraduate Award: John Hinton - Geophysics: "Geophysical Waveform's Frequency Attenuation As A Precursor To Rock Shear Failure"
  • 3rd Place Undergraduate Award: Tasha Markley - Geophysics: "Impact Of Artificial Fractures On Rock Strength And Deformation"