GSG Research Fair 2010 Award Winners


2010 GSG Research Fair

Posters were judged by oustanding faculty and staff at the Colorado School of Mines and were evaluated on three bases: scientific content (originality, objectives, relevance, methods, supported conclusions and directions for the future); appearance (logical organization, effective layout and legibility); and presentation ability (clear, concise and effective handling of questions). Please click here to download the 2010 Technical Program (PDF).PDF versionText only version The GSG is proud to congratulate the winners of the 2010 Research Fair:

  • 1st Place: Gregory Schlichting
  • 2nd Place: Rahul Bhola
  • 3rd Place: Kelsey Zabrusky
  • 1st Place Undergraduate: Joanna Haag
  • Best in Chemical Engineering: Vikrant Rai
  • Best in Geophysics: Karoline Bohlen
  • Best in Mathematical and Computer Sciences: Alan Marchiori
  • Best in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering: Myra Dyer
  • Best in Engineering: Kelli Huls
  • Best in Geology and Geological Engineering: Kevin Mininger
  • Best in Applied Physics: Joseph Glick
  • Best in Chemistry and Geochemistry: Taylor Dixon
  • Best in Liberal Arts and International Studies: Anthony Cerella
  • Best in Mining Engineering: Erik Hunter
  • Best in Petroleum Engineering:Wenhui Wu
  • Best in Environmental Science and Engineering (Tie): Katharine Dahm
  • Best in Environmental Science and Engineering (Tie): Jackson Lee