In addition to fellowship and grant programs, the GSG is pleased to offer various Programs and Academic Workshops. Programs are designed to enhance the educational, social, and personal health of Mines graduate students. The Academic workshops are designed to provide graduate students with specific, targeted knowledge that will assist them in the pursuit of their advanced degree. If you have ideas about potential programs or workshop topics (e.g. typesetting with LaTeX, grant writing, presentation skills), please contact the GSG Academic Chair John Bristow.


Graduate Experience Mentoring (GEM) Program

A program that developed from student input in 2012, GEM is meant to help acclimate incoming graduate students to the Mines community by connecting them with senior graduate students in a similar discipline. Through GEM, new graduate students are provided with a knowledgeable human resource for navigating the written and unwritten administrative, academic, and social aspects of their first year as a graduate student. GEM is currently welcoming mentors and mentees to sign up to participate during the 2013-2014 Academic Year. Those that sign up after September 5, 2013 will be paired with a mentor/mentee in the Spring 2014 semester.  Throughout the semester, events are organized to promote discussion across all GEM Mentors and Mentees. GEM pairs are encouraged to meet regularly throughout the semester to chat over coffee provided by GSG.

New graduate students can sign up to be paired with a mentor by filling out the Mentee Information Form.

Current graduate students can sign up to be a mentor to new grad students by filling out the Mentor Information Form.


Academic Workshops

Fall 2013 - Spring 2014 Workshops


NOVEMBER 12, 2013 - Grant/Proposal Writing Workshop

Please click here to download a handoutPDF versionText only version that was distributed at the event.  The workshop was a panel discussion, so a PowerPoint Presentation was not given.  If you are interested in obtaining a summary, please contact the GSG President.

NOVEMBER 14, 2013 - Marketing Yourself Professionally Workshop: LinkedIn & AlphaGraphics

Please click here to download the LinkedIn presentation. For more information, please contact Catherine Weldon at the CSM Career Center (, or Christina Estrada, AlphaGraphics Representative (

FEBRUARY 13, 2013 - The Art of Networking: Presentation by Ms. Kim Miles, certified business coach.

The presentation focued on branding yourself, creating meaningful connections, the appropriate way to follow up, and other tools to help communicate and connect effectively.  The presentation can be found herePDF versionText only version.  

Past Workshops

Spring 2013- Lunch & Learn: Putting Emotional Intelligence to Work

Please click here to download the presentationPDF versionText only version (in PDF). For more information, please contact Dr. Barbara Lawton, Prof. in Lockheed Martin Engineering Management Program at CU Boulder (

Spring 2012- Lunch & Learn: Publication and Graphic Design (from AlphaGraphics)

Please click here to download the presentationPDF versionText only version (in PDF). For more information, please contact AlphaGraphics representative Christina Estrada (

Workshop Given Yearly - Introduction to Thesis Writing with LyX (Using the LaTeX Engine)

 You may download the session slides (4.7 MB PDF) to review contentPDF versionText only version. This presentation includes installation instructions, but Macintosh users should also see the instructions below for installing Spell Checker support:

1) Download cocoAspell 2.1 Mac OS X 10.5 or higher.

2) Run Auto Installer

3) Go to LyX -> Preferences [cmd + ,] -> Language Settings -> Spellchecker
a) Set "Spellchecker Executable:" to "aspell"
b) In the bar, "Alternative language:" /Library/Application Support/cocoAspell/aspell6-en-6.0-0/english.alias

4) Go to LyX -> Reconfigure then restart.