CEER 2012 Award Winners

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CEER 2012 Award Winners

 2012 GSA Conference on Earth and Energy Research (CEER)

Over 170 posters and oral presentations were judged by oustanding faculty, staff, and alumni of the Colorado School of Mines and were evaluated on three bases: scientific content (originality, objectives, relevance, methods, supported conclusions and directions for the future); appearance (logical organization, effective layout and legibility); and presentation ability (clear, concise and effective handling of questions). The GSA is proud to congratulate the winners of the 2012 Conference on Earth and Energy Research:

  • 1st Place Overall: Robert Jinkerson (CSM, CH)
  • 2nd Place Overall: Shannon Ulrich (CSM, CEE)
  • High Overall Poster: Najeeb Alharthy (CSM, PE)
  • HIgh Overall Oral: Karoline Bohlen (CSM, GP)
  • High Overall University: Charissa Rujanavech (Yale, Forestry & Environmental Studies)
  • Undergraduate Winner: Maritza Cruz (CSM, CBE)
  • Best in CSM Applied Mathematics & Statistics (AMS): Emma Nicoletti
  • Best in CSM Chemical & Biological Engineering (CBE): Melissa Vandiver
  • Best in CSM Chemistry & Geochemistry (CH): Jonathan Miorelli
  • Best in CSM Economics & Business (EB): Abdel Zellou
  • Best in CSM Geology & Geological Engineering (GE): Evan Friedman
  • Best in CSM Geophysics (GP): Allan Haas
  • Best in CSM Hydrology: Jennifer Sepulvado
  • Best in CSM Liberal Arts & International Studies (LA): Ross Wyeno
  • Best in CSM Mechanical Engineering (ME): Shawn Kimmel
  • Best in CSM Metallurgical & Materials Engineering (MT): Andrea Casias
  • Best in CSM Mining Engineering (MN): Ruixiang Gu
  • Best in CSM Nuclear Engineering: Michael Baker
  • Best in CSM Petroleum Engineering (PE): Jeff Brown
  • Best in CSM Physics (PH): Alexandra Woolman

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