GS Graduation Information

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Graduation Information

Graduation Information

Graduation requires a great deal of planning and coordination by graduating students, various departments, and the Office of Graduate Studies. Please note that your full cooperation is needed for graduation to be a success.

Graduation Requirements:

1. View the Graduation Checklists & Deadlines and submit all necessary forms by the deadlines.

2. Check your degree evaluation in Trailhead. If you need to make changes, submit an Addendum.

3.  Apply to Graduate

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in Trailhead

  • December 2014 graduation deadline-September 3, 2014
  • May 2015 graduation deadline-January 22, 2015

4. View the  Checkout requirements 

5. Attend Graduation practice (required if attending the commencement ceremony)

6. Attend the Commencement ceremony

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